Shenzhen Heral Automation Machinery Co., Ltd

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   Shenzhen Heral Automation Machinery Co., Ltd ( hereafter referred to as “Heral”) is a high-tech enterprise committed to supply perfect integrated solutions of factory automation for global customers. With an innovation team of more than 200 staffs and over 30 independent intellectual property rights, Heral has formed a complete industrial chain based on its own core technologies, core parts, leading products and industry system solutions.
   Heral leads the development of non-standard automation industry through leading technologies and unique integrated hardware and software strength. Currently, Heral's main products include full-automatic high-speed cover glass printing machine, 3D glass exposure machine, 3D glass laminating machine, full-automatic lens printing machine, full-automatic large-size glass printing machine, CG foam & waterproof glue laminating and pressure retaining machine, phone full-automatic packing line, phone vibration motor assembly machine, phone assembly line, phone parts assembly machine, visual detection system, TP film laminator, logo inspection machine, feeding machine, four-axis/six-axis robot, high-precision dispenser & paste dispensing machine, locking screw machine, full-automatic VCM assembly machine, auto-parts assembly machine, auto electronic assembly line, precision wobble plate machine, precision plug-in machine, precision measuring machine and etc. Heral's customers span across a wide range of industries including electronics, electric, motor-dom, medical treatment, hardware, cosmetics, aviation & aerospace, packing and manufacturing.
   Looking forward to the future, Heral takes the opportunities of “Made in China 2025” and Industry 4.0 to continue to improve the industrial layout, strengthen innovation capability, enhance its comprehensive strengthen in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, and provide a strong impetus for the development of the Group companies.
Company Profile