Shenzhen Heral Automation Machinery Co., Ltd

Development History

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2007: Heral founded 
2008: Developed production injection molding machine and various robot arms
2009: Developed the first full-automatic in-mold plug-in machine in China and passed CE certification  
2010: Developed connector production line, socket production line, and high-precision dispenser & paste dispensing machine
2011: Developed full-automatic assembly and performance detection machine for transceiver module 
2012: Developed the first full-automatic VCM stator assembly machine (phone focusing motor) in China 
2013: Developed full-automatic VCM production line, phone vibration motor production line and full-automatic data cable package foil machine (high-speed machine)  
2014: Developed full-automatic vibration motor assembly line, smart wear automatic packing line, full-automatic appearance detection and measurement equipment, automatic phone parts assembly line, etc.
2015: Developed full-automatic high-speed cover glass printing machine, phone full-automatic packing line and new erengy automobile battery equipment, etc.
2016: Developed 3D glass laminating machine, TP film laminator, Logo inspection machine and feeding machine, etc. 
2017: Developed full-automatic lens printing machine, full-automatic large-size glass printing machine, CG foam & waterproof glue laminating and pressure retaining machine and 3D glass exposure machine, etc.
2018: Developed full-automatic high-speed linear printing machine, ... 
Development History