Shenzhen Heral Automation Machinery Co., Ltd

Route Guide

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Subway: From any subway station in Shenzhen, turn to Line 11 to Songgang Subway Station. After exiting the station, walk 10 meters along Baoan Avenue, turn right into Shajiang Road, walk along Shajiang Road for 1.1 km, turn left for 10 meters and enter Industrial Street. Walk 70 meters along the industrial street to Shenzhen Hailai Automation Machinery Co., Ltd.;
Bus: Port sightseeing line (sightseeing line 3), 362 road, 655 road, B640 road and B713 road, etc., which can pass through Songgang People's Hospital;
Self-driving: You can open Baidu map search "Shenzhen Hailai Automation Machinery Co., Ltd." to start navigation.
Route Guide