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Business manager

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First, job responsibilities
1. Responsible for participating in the formulation of annual and monthly non-standard automation equipment and robot marketing target plans, and report to the vice president or general manager of the business;
2. Grasp the market dynamics, actively open up new customers in a timely and effective manner, broaden business channels, and continuously expand the market share of the company's products;
3. Responsible for the drafting of business negotiations, business contracts and agreements, responsible for following up the implementation of the target plan, providing full service to the products of their customers to ensure customer satisfaction;
4. Responsible for the implementation of marketing performance, statistics, classification and archiving;
5. Actively implement and regularly review the implementation of individual marketing objectives and formulate monthly marketing performance reports;
6. Reasonably resolve customer complaints, enthusiastically answer customer's questions, maintain customer relationships, and do daily communication.
Second, qualifications
1. Have non-standard automation equipment or manipulator marketing work experience, with relevant market resources;
2. Affirm the company's corporate culture, have a strong sense of service, good professional ethics and moral values;
3. College degree or above, good image quality and strong communication skills.
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Business manager