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Mechanical Engineers

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First, job responsibilities
1. Responsible for the mechanical design of non-standard automation equipment, including equipment design, structural design, transmission component selection, structural drawing output, machining parts and mechanical standard parts BOM production, and processing and manufacturing process guidance;
2. Participate in the optimization, debugging and installation of the equipment, and timely solve the technical problems in the production assembly and commissioning process;
3. Responsible for the preparation of technical documents such as equipment technology, process documents and inspection standards;
4. Responsible for project promotion, actively communicate with customers, and assist in the technical support of the marketing department, purchasing department and production department;
5. Equipment assembly and debugging and problems in the equipment manufacturing process follow-up, functional after-sales service.
Second, qualifications
1. Proficiency in application software such as SOLIDWORKS, AUTOCAD, OFFICE;
2. Have more than 5 years of relevant work experience in non-standard automation; independently develop more than three non-standard models;
3. Mechanical engineering or automation, college or above;
4. Personality traits: good at thinking, innovation, loyalty, optimism and progress.
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Mechanical Engineers