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Electrical Engineer

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First, job responsibilities
1. According to the project arrangement, develop non-standard automation equipment procedures and electrical (CAD) drawing design, electrical energy component selection and other work;
2. Evaluation of the supplier of electrical outsourcing, and the introduction and transformation of some of the technologies outsourced;
3. Guide the on-site electrical installation and be responsible for the electrical program debugging of the machine;
4. Prototype trial production, participate in on-site testing and deal with electrical faults, and propose product improvement measures;
5. Identify the final product and develop relevant technical documents such as technical standards and user manuals;
6. Provide necessary technical support for the company's marketing department and after-sales service.
Second, qualifications
1. College degree or above in electronics, electrical or related fields;
2. Have non-standard work experience of the same position for more than 5 years, proficient in electrical wiring, electrical control design, electrical component selection;
3. Proficiency in Panasonic PLC programming, with control of moving parts above 4 axes, 485232 communication Weilun, industrial version of touch screen experience;
4. Experience with robots and plug-in machines is preferred.
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Electrical Engineer