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FA145 daily maintenance program

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When all the installation work is completed, maintenance becomes an important task. Due to the influence of the environment, when the time is long and the equipment transmission data is in error, the equipment must be maintained. First of all, it is necessary to clean each intelligent module. Pay attention to the following points when cleaning: First, it should be cleaned with pure water. It is not possible to use water with corrosive or high pH to avoid damage to the chip on the intelligent module. Second Wash with a softer brush, not hard or even a steel brush, or it will damage the chip. Followed by the maintenance of the computer sub-controller: First, always clean the dust inside the sub-controller, second, always check the line inside the sub-controller, mainly check whether the contact points of the line fall off or aging, and make maintenance as soon as possible. Finally, check the signal line from time to time. Due to the length of the signal line determined by the location of the production area, always check the signal line for damage or breakage, timely maintenance, or even replacement.
Overhaul, equipment maintenance takes a reverse thinking method, such as the sub-controller can not drive the pump to run, first check the pump power supply to see if the power supply is normal, then check the current adapter of the control power supply in the sub-controller is damaged, again, check the sub-controller Each computer chip, then check whether the signal line connected to the host is normal, and finally look at whether the computer module of each sub-controller in the host is normal. No matter which problem occurs in the link, it can be repaired or replaced in time. The problem with the intelligent module is similar to the above repair.
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