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Fixture management

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Acceptance → Storage → Custody → Requisition → Return to the warehouse
4.1 Acceptance of fixtures
    4.1.1 Check whether the fixture has a "Technical Parameter Table for Fixtures".
    4.1.2 The fixture bracket is firm and should meet the requirements for use.
    4.1.3 When testing the first product fixture, the operator checks whether the fixture has a short circuit or an open circuit on the test machine; whether the fixture is opposite to the respective inspection probe will crush the PCB; check the fixture Whether the total number of points on the technical parameter table is the same, such as the number of open circuits and the number of short circuits.
    4.1.4 If the inspection is qualified, the operator fills in the quality record and marks it on the fixture.
    4.1.5 If the fixture fails to pass the inspection, such as short circuit or open circuit, some operators should be responsible for disposal, and fill in the failure notice to feedback the fixture production group for improvement.
4.2 Fixture storage
    4.2.1 The composite jig should be placed on the jig probe with a cushion so that the probe of the upper and lower jigs will not be damaged, and the jig is completely covered with a plastic bag.
    4.2.2 Newly produced jigs (including modified jigs) should be filled out with the Judges Record Form.
    4.2.3 After the jig is used, the operator is responsible for the immediate return, and the corresponding handover procedures with the jig administrator, and register the test quantity and fixture status.
    4.2.4 New fixtures should be placed in the corresponding vacancies in the fixture library, generally the same customer, the same page or unified account when posting; and the same or adjacent vacancies placed at the same level of the fixture library Easy to retrieve.
    4.2.5 The original fixture should be placed in the corresponding numbered position.
    4.2.6 Double-sided fixtures When the fixtures are placed in stock, the upper and lower fixtures should be placed horizontally and combined.
    4.2.7 Single-sided fixtures are required to stand when the fixture is stored.
4.3 Tool storage
    4.3.1 The temperature and humidity of the fixture library should be controlled within certain technical parameters. The temperature control is ≤35°C, 75%RH, and direct sunlight is strictly prohibited.
    4.3.2 Between the fixture placement cabinet and the placement cabinet, it is necessary to take the aisle width of the fixture and maintain the gauge size of 100mm.
    4.3.3 Placement The width, length and height of each grid shall be designed to meet the distance, length and height of the fixture.
    4.3.4 For each jig placed in the cabinet, the level of the jig placed at different levels must be coded accordingly.
    4.3.5 The code on the fixture is the same as the code on the cabinet. It can be placed directly in the warehouse when it is put into storage.
    4.3.6 The storage of fixtures must be neat, stable and marked.
    4.3.7 Customers who change or cancel should promptly clean up the fixtures they use, log off from the accounts, and hand over the fixtures to the fixture library administrator for recycling.
4.4 Judges are used
    4.4.1 The personnel responsible for the management of the fixture shall, according to the instructions of the production process card, verify the customer, model, and related changes, and verify the registration of the use of the fixture, in the location where the fixture is stored. Remove the jig.
    4.4.2 When removing, the jig on the side should be removed slightly, and the direction of the Shunzhi tool should be taken out straight. If there is a jig on the top, the upper jig should be lifted out, and then the jig below, the two jigs Avoid collisions and prevent damage to the probe.
    4.4.3 Carefully remove the plastic bag from the jig and fold the plastic bag back into the place where the jig is placed.
    4.4.4 After the operator finishes using it, the date of identification and return shall be made on the “Responsible Record Form of the Jig”. The quantity used shall be archived and saved by the administrator after verification.
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