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Full-automatic Double Sided Laminator

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Full-automatic Double Sided Laminator

Product Features


Consists of feeding, front film laminating, turning over, back film laminating, and unloading mechanisms, etc.
Use high-precision CCD for aligning glass and film, servo motors in X, Y and R axes adjust positions to ensure the accuracy.
Use linear module servo drive mechanism for stable operation and speed efficiency.

Adopt the automatic rolling loading method, which can automatically strip, align and laminate the film.
The CCDs adapt to different sizes of glass and automatically switch when the product is replaced.

Provided with air purification equipment (FFU) to ensure the cleanliness of the laminating environment;
 Different product settings are available in the program, which is convenient and intuitive when replacing products;

 Can be used stand-alone or for serial docking.



Fully Automatic Double Sided Laminator

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