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Transceiver Module Automatic Testing Machine

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Transceiver Module Automatic Testing Machine

Product Features


Computer PC control, WINDOWS operating system, robot & robot control system, sound and light alarm and menu display for faults;
Input and output by flat belt;
Six-axis robot transports optical modules to multiple stations: preheating, inserting fiber patch cords, pulling out fiber patch cords, sub-area placement;
Wiping mechanism is driven by servo motor to wipe and clean fiber head automatically;

Test fixtures are placed symmetrically in the left and right at six stations with a variety of detection modes: production mode, Master mode and engineering mode;
 The product is positioned by clamping the releasing mechanism and extending the recycling mechanism automatically by the cylinder. 

 According to different function optical modules, Different test instrument test corresponding items in the simulated ambient temperature according to optical modules with different functions: 1. Transmitting part test; 2. Receiving part test; 3. RF test (only tri-directional optical module test); 4. Functional test; 5. Reliability test; 6. Environmental test; 7. Bar code scanning. The test software is provided by the customer and the data can be uploaded to the MES system to generate a form file.

 Adapt to a variety of optical module products, such as SFP series, QSFP series and CFP series optical modules, etc., just by changing the fixture and program. 





Transceiver Module Automatic Testing Machine

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