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Full-automatic High-speed Linear Printing Machine

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Full-automatic High-speed Linear Printing Machine

全自动高速直线式丝印机◆本设备含收放料机和丝印机两大部份组成,收放料机具有分盘功能和空盘堆叠回  收功能;◆丝印机由除尘区、初定位、精定位、直线运输区、印刷区、缓存区、抽检位等构  成,采用高精度直线电机驱动并配合IAI电缸的移载机构移载,结构合理、精准可  靠;◆采用5组高精度CCD视觉精准对位并校正产品,有利于提高印刷精度;◆可单机使用也可以与烤炉、叠料机等连线使用实现流水化作业;上下机器故障
Product Features

Full-automatic High-speed Linear Printing Machine

Consists of printing machine and material feeding & collecting machine, the latter has the functions of tray distributing and stacking and re of empty trays;
Includes dust removal position, initial positioning,  fine positioning,  linear      conveying area, printing area, stacking area, sampling inspection, and adopts high-precision linear motor drive and  transfer  mechanism  of  IAI  electric          cylinder, which enable reasonable, accurate and reliable structure.   
Five sets of high-precision CCD for accurate correction & alignment helps    improving printing accuracy; 
Can be used in single unit or in conjunction with ovens, stackers and etc to  realize flow production; the machine has a cache function when the upstream or downstream machine is in faulty or in outrage;  
Equipped with FFU and dust-removal device, ensuring the cleanness of print-ing environment and glasses to be printed;

 Monitoring printing quality by worker anytime without  shutdown  of  the     machine;

 The screen  printing  frame  rack  is  adjustable  left  and right to adapt to       different sizes of frames;

 The man-machine interface adopts numerical control with various settings  of functions and operating parameters, which is convenient and intuitive. 


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